Ferrero Roche

Ingredients: 350g.crushed biscuits 200g.hazelnuts napolitanki (wafers) 100g.chocolate cream juice For chocolate: chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa 6-7 tbsp oil 150g.roasted and finely chopped hazelnuts Preparation: Put the crushed biscuits,the crushed hazelnut wafers and the chocolate cream in a deeper bowl.Add the juice and knead the mixture. Shape small balls-bombs and chocolate.ForContinue reading “Ferrero Roche”

Chocolate mousse with pomegranate sauce

Ingredients:For the foam: 60g. dark chocolate 60g.water For pomegranate sauce: 240g.of pomegranate juice 80g.of lemon juice 4g.canteen (agar) 35g.sugar grated lemon peel For the hazelnut biscuit: 25g.of hazelnuts 25g.of sugar 50g.of hazelnut paste Preparation: Boil the water and pour over the chocolate cut into small pieces.Mix well and leave to cool,and when it is cold,mixContinue reading “Chocolate mousse with pomegranate sauce”

Chocolate cake in kuglof

Ingredients: 170g. butter 100g. dark chocolate for cooking 250g. flour 1 baking powder 100g. powdered sugar 3 eggs 100ml. yogurt Preparation: First,melt the butter and chocolate and leave to cool,to be lukewarm.Mix the sifted flour with the pastry.Beat the eggs with sugar,add the yogurt,kept at room temperature. Then the mixture of butter and chocolate isContinue reading “Chocolate cake in kuglof”

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