Cocktail tropical Ingredients: 1/2 banana 1 peach 1 lemon 1 orange 1/2 orange peel 1/2 lemon peel 30ml.rum 5-6 ice cubes 1 tsp honey…

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Blueberry cake

Ingredients: 3 ready-made cake crusts 150ml.chocolate milk 400ml.sweet sour cream 400g.mascarpone 300g.frozen blueberries 1 pack of gelatin 4 tbsp water (for gelatin) 2 sachets…

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Crispy chicken

Ingredients: 800g.chicken breast 400g.corn flakes 200ml.milk 2 tbsp cornstarch Flour (until it thickens) Sweet salt,pepper and paprika 750ml.oil (for frying) Marinate the meat for…

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Ferrero Roche

Ingredients: 350g.crushed biscuits 200g.hazelnuts napolitanki (wafers) 100g.chocolate cream juice For chocolate: chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa 6-7 tbsp oil 150g.roasted…

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Easy Mochi

Ingredients: 1 cup sweetened red bean paste 1 cup sweet rice flour (mochiko) 1 teaspoon green tea powder (matcha) 1 cup water 1/4 cup…

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Homemade Pho

Ingredients: Broth: 5 to 6 pounds of beef knuckles or leg bones 6 quarts cold water 2 medium onions,quartered 4-inch piece of fresh ginger,halved…

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Tuscan delicacy

Ingredients: 340g.pasta fetucini 4 pieces of bacon finely chopped 450g.white chicken, cut into strips 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 4 small tomatoes, chopped 1…

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Doner sandwich

Ingredients: 1kg. beef 0.5kg lamb White pepper Ground cumin Nutmeg Ground dried red pepper A little salt A little rosemary For sauce you will…

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Chinese ravioli

Ingredients: Ravioli dough 100g.flour Lukewarm water if needed Finger salt For charging 160g.minced pork 2 young onions (white only) 1/2 tsp finely grated ginger…

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Ingredients: 200g.rice 60ml.malic acid or rice acid 1 tsp salt 25g.granulated sugar 150g. smoked salmon 3 list algae 1 glass 200ml.water Serving soy sauce…

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